Class of 2016

Honorary Inductees (unanimously chosen by Selection Committee for outstanding contributions to the Raceway’s and the Association’s success)

Class of 2016

CG Bretting Mfg Co Inc a family-run business that has been a mainstay in the local community, Bretting Mfg has generously offered to help with service, maintenance and improvement projects for the facility for so many years – many times before ever even being asked … the family has helped with projects such as fabricating the infield scale platform and flag stand, as well as track re-shaping, drainage trenching, and so much more – and nearly always without cost to the organization for materials or labor … Bretting Mfg also sponsors or supports many race drivers, and several of its employees are either racers or otherwise directly involved in the Raceway … the family is very active in community efforts, but without recognition or fanfare, yet family members have often said that the spirit of volunteerism within this racing organization has inspired them to become involved here.

Driver category (retired minimum 5 yrs; recognized for outstanding accomplishments, and loyalty and “ambassadorship” to ABC Raceway)

Class of 2016

Mel Ferguson  during his racing days in Ashland, Mel collected 13 feature wins – all in the Modifieds … he won two Red Clay Classic championships, in 1994 and ‘98, and he earned an ABC points title in 1995 … he also contributed to the club in other ways, including offering his business to install the septic system for the grandstand restroom building project in the 2000s … his unique-looking #47 cars, his personable style, and his genuinely sincere support of the ABC Raceway made him a fan favorite for many years

Jerry Hartman  Jerry’s driving style was, to say the least, all-out, making him a fan favorite; he drove his #21 cars with an edge, and even at times over the edge, but he wanted only one thing – to win … his 35 total feature wins was 12th-best all-time at the time of his induction … he won the Red Clay Classic in a Super Stock in 1994, then immediately moved into the Modifieds the following year, where he won 25 features – the fifth-highest total in that division as of the time of his induction – and two track championships, in 1999 & 2001

Johnny Johnson  one of the region’s great early drivers, Johnny’s 32 total feature wins was 13th-best all-time at the time of his induction – and all came in the Late Models, which makes him the track’s all-time win leader in that division … he won the first two Late Model features ever run in Red Clay Classic history – in 1976 & ‘78 – and he was a two-time ABC Raceway Late Model points champion, in 1972 & ‘74 … his legacy lives on in his talented grandson, Late Model star Travis Budisalovich, who runs his #31

Ron Weinberger Ron’s 20 total feature wins – all in Street and Hobby Stocks – is the track’s third-highest total for that division … he won seven features during the 1987 season alone, leading to the first of his two Hobby Stock titles; the other came in 1979 … he also helped the track during his racing days by donating many of the large trash barrels located on the Raceway grounds; he would often bring a half-dozen at a time with him on race nights … after a brief time away after retiring from racing, he now helps his grandson Justin with his racing career.

Volunteer / Contributor category (minimum 10 yrs service; recognized for significant positive contributions to local organization)

Class of 2016

Kurt Beeksma at the end of the 2015 racing season, Kurt had completed a term of 11 years directing the Association as its Board president, and prior to that he had served as vice-president and in other capacities within the Board for several more years … his outstanding leadership and organizational skills, and his hard work and love of the sport and this facility, helped the ABC Raceway earn the 2002 WISSOTA Track of the Year award … in 2012 the Association received the highly-coveted Racing Promotion Monthly North Region Auto Racing Promoter of the Year award while under his direction … as a driver, volunteer and leader he has contributed over 30 years to the organization.

Ray (posthumously) & Dawn Berglund Ray and Dawn were very involved in the organization in a number of significant ways … Ray was a talented and knowledgeable handyman involved in the construction and maintenance of nearly every building on the grounds, including the main grandstand reserved decks, the property-line fence, the grandstand restrooms and more, right up until his passing in June 2015 … Dawn’s involvement began during her time working with the Ashland Area Chamber of Commerce, and her staunch support created a unique relationship between the race track and the community that has benefitted both … their sons Larry, John and Dave also have contributed greatly, both as racers and in generously helping with projects here.

Don & Alice Hudack Don and Alice have been involved with the Association since its very beginning, when he was a successful racer here and she worked in the concession stand … Don was on the Board of Directors from 1970-’78, and he would often offer to host Board meetings at his business shop … Alice has been a long-time fixture in the concessions, making sure all the food was served and nothing was wasted – including serving hot dogs on hamburger buns when the hot dog buns ran out … ever since Don started racing back in the 1960s, there has been at least one member of the Hudack family involved in this track in one way or another, and now there are multiple daughters, sons, grandsons, a granddaughter and others involved, as volunteer workers, Board members and racers.

Rudy & Lorraine Marincel (both posthumously)  two of the most beloved and dearly missed people ever to be involved with this organization, Rudy and Lorraine contributed many years to the early success of the track … Rudy manned the infield as part of the safety crew for several years, and he also served as the Association’s treasurer in the mid-1960s; when the club needed the local power company to start providing service at the track in the early ‘60s, Rudy offered to put the bill in his name … Lorraine worked both as a ticket taker and in the concession stands, and was affectionately known as “Cupcake” … their children, Denise and Rudy, have followed in their parents’ footsteps – for many years Denise has worked in the pit entry ticket booth, and Rudy works as part of the infield safety crew

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