Highway 13 Detour weight restrictions

Special Weight Posting, CTH C – Ashland County, WI

Special weight limitations on Ashland County Trunk Highway C will go into effect on Thursday, August 4th, 2016, at 9:00 AM. Enforcement will begin at that time and the ban will stay in effect until further notice.

Under authority of Wisconsin State Statute 349.16, maximum loads shall be limited to six (6) tons per axle, ten (10) tons per tandem axel (any two (2) axels under eight (8) feet apart) and twenty four (24) ton gross weight until further notice.

The above restrictions apply to all standard commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) as well as to all multi-trip and single-trip Oversize-Overweight permitted carriers. Oversize carriers will be allowed to haul empty trailers on CTH C as long as the load and vehicle abide by axle weight and GVW restrictions listed above.

Haulers should be prepared to obey load limit postings as soon as signs are erected.

School buses, public highway maintenance vehicles, septic, heating fuel delivery trucks, public utility vehicles, charter type buses, RV & camping vehicles are exempt from this posting.

Special hauling permits for essential or emergency hauling are available on a case by case basis from the Ashland County Highway Department.

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